April 5, 2012 года

Version 0.10 is available. Fixed many problems found during the process of testing preview version. Most noticeable:

  • sessions are added back
  • fixed replacing \1, \2, ... when searching with regular expressions
  • new plugins: ColorPicker, AutoSave
  • existing plugins improvements

Also the project has moved to GitHub: https://github.com/Mezomish/juffed

March 31, 2011

Development version 0.9.1137 is available. This is a preview version of what is expected in the next release.

Please note that this version is still in development stage so bugs and some regressions are possible.

Key changes:

  • two document panels
  • list of documents in a drop-down menu
  • quick access to documents by file name
  • fullscreen mode
  • popup search with instant highlighting
  • pop-up notifications
  • new syntaxes: Ada, Asm, Haskell, Lisp, Matlab, NBC/NXC, NSIS, Qore/Qorus
  • significantly improved block editing
  • optional displaying of line ending symbols
  • displaying the total line count in status bar
  • new plugins: Sort, SymbolBrowser, XMLFormatter
  • improvements in existing plugins

Known regressions:

  • sessions support is temporary suspended
  • go to matching brace/select to matching brace is missing
  • change split orientation is missing

Comments and bugreports are highly welcomed.

March 18, 2010

Bugfix-release 0.8.1 is out:

  • removed needless debug info
  • improved Pascal highlighting
  • updated .desktop file (for Linux systems)
  • updated QScintilla library in Windows build
  • added Czech localization

Great thanks to David Stegbauer (patches) and to Pavel Fric (Czech localization).

February 4, 2010

It was found out (thanks to user's report) that there was a missing DLL in Windows packages. Please download a newer version ( if you had problems with running JuffEd caused by missing QtNetwork4.dll library. Sorry for any inconvenience.

January 29, 2010

Version 0.8 is officially out!

Main changes since version 0.6.1:

  • added charset auto-detection
  • improved sessions management
  • introduced new plugin API and new plugins
  • added new settings (printing, file types, keybindings, colors)
  • added new syntaxes (TCL, Pascal, TeX, Fortran)
  • improved Find Dialog
  • added search for multiline regexps
  • added new editing actions (commenting lines by a hotkey, upper case, duplicate lines, go to/select to matching brace, etc)
  • added single instance support for Windows
  • made lots of other bugfixes and small improvements
October 13, 2009

Pre-release version 0.7.669 is out! It introduces most of the features planned for 0.8 and the main purpose of this version is stabilizing.

Changelog since 0.7.606:

  • Fixed: closing the current session before displaying the 'Open session' dialog
  • Fixed: missed 'Open session' dialog if there was no sessions
  • Fixed: applying keybindings without restarting
  • Fixed: manual charset selection (previously it was always through 'enca' if it was available)
  • Added: configuring for more shortcuts
  • Added: 'Duplicate line', 'Delete current line', 'TO UPPER CASE', 'to lower case' and 'Move line up' actions to main menu
  • Added 'Go to line' dialog calling when clicking on 'Cursor position' or 'Lines count' status labels
  • Added: setting the word under cursor as a search string to FindDlg
  • Added: keyboard accelerators for controls in FindDialog
  • Added: intelligent inverting selected text color
  • Added: Fortran syntax highlighting


  • DocListPlugin
    • added filter
  • FMPlugin:
    • added selecting columns in header context menu
    • added renaming items
    • added creating a new dir
    • added favorites management
  • FindInFiles:
    • added proper start dir initialization
    • added button for stopping the search
  • Keybindings:
    • informing about unsaved changes
    • improved overwriting confirmation dialog
    • fixed assigning number keys and some symbols keys
September 4, 2009

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